Back to Back Wins for Kelsey



My trip to Ecuador was stressful yet amazing.  I arrived with plenty of time and was very thankful for that becasue my bike didnt make it with me onto the plane. I spent 4 days on the phone with multiple airlines trying to locate it.  Finally on Saturday before the race, my brand new Argon E19 Tri +  plus arrived. Unforunately, the derailure hanger was bent and unrideable so I took it over to the bike mechanics at the Ironman expo. They were uncertain they could fix it but thankfully they bent it back and it was rideable.  I also got invited to a special dinner hosted by Visa with a few other of the Pro athletes. There, we did interviews, had really good tuna(their local fish) and had a round table discussion on all things triathlon.


My number one goal for the swim was to be out first.  It started off pretty hard but then I was able to break away from most of the group expect one girl from Colombia.  Through out the swim, I kept getting stung by sea lice. It was awful, and I was getting stung on my face and arms frequently.  I exited the water in first, only 8 seconds in front of the next woman.


As soon as I got on the bike, I put my head down and hammered to try and distance myself from the other athlete.  The course was pretty nice, full of rollers with a nice tail wind on the way out. When I reached the turnaround mark is when i started to get a little tired.  I was pushing good and normal watts but I could tell my body was starting to get tired.  I could see where all the other girls were and I figured I had atleast 5 min on 2nd place.  I was told to save some energy from the womens winner last year becasue the 2nd half of the bike is tough. And boy she was right as we had a pretty good head wind and more climbing on the way back  I made it back to transition with a womens best bike split by over 7 minutes.  


I actually felt really good and comfortable starting the run.  I made sure to run pretty conservative to make sure I didnt blow up and lose my lead.  I could see that I had over 10 min on the next girl so I just cruised the rest of therace and really tried to enjoy the experience.  When I hit the red carpet to the finish, I had a good celebration and was in  disbelief that I just won 2 x70.3's back to back.  The training is finally all coming together and Im really excited to keep improving.  


Looking strong for the 2018 season