Exciting news for 2016!!!!


The 2016 race season is finally here and Im excited to annoounce my new partnerships for the year.  

Vanderkitten Racing (www.vanderkitten.com)- This is a dream come true for me to work with this awesome clothing/lifestyle company. When I first started bike racing, Vanderkitten always stood out with their bright kits and awesome bike racers.  Over the years Ive gotton to know many of Vanderkittens athletes and knew I wanted to be involved with them someday.  I hope to bring Vanderkittens unique style and passion to the sport of triathlon.  We will be doing several cycling camps and triathlon clinics this summer so stay tuned. #kitupkickass

Xterra Wetsuits (www.xterrawetsuits.com)- Proud to wear these wetsuits this season. Ive already had the chance to try out the womens Vengeance and its the best suit ive swam in. Its designed for swimmers by swimmers. I dont feel constricted in the shoulder area which is the main problem I find with other wetsuits.  Not to mention its pink and black:) 

Salming Running (www.salming.com)- This will be my second season running in Salming. These shoes helped keep me injury free by enforcing natural running.  I use their trail ,distance and xplore shoe and am looking foward to the new 2016 Salming line.

Computrainer (www.racermateinc.com)- Im very fortunate to be able to train on such a great indoor trainer. This is my second season representing them but have been using computrainers since Ive first started the sport.  I do most of my biking indoors so having a reliable and smart device is very important to me.

Backcountry,com (www.backcountry.com)  Ive been working with this outdoor online company for several years.  It has gear and clothing for any type of athlete and outdoor adventurist. They are constantly throwing out deals so you are likely to get the cheapest price around and fast shipping!

Coremotion Athletics (www.Coremotionathletics.com) I owe most of my comeback after my bike accident to Mike Campbell.  He has done what no doctor could figure out or do and fix all my body imbalances.  He has showed me what it takes to be the best and is constantly pushing me toward my goals.  Mike is a certifed Active Release Therapist and Strength & Conditioning coach.

Gray Wheels (www.graycycling.com)  This will be my second season riding on Gray Wheels. They have a large selection for any type of race/terrain.  They are super light and affordable which makes them easily accessible to any athlete.

Qarv Imports (www.QARVimports.com)(www.Rotorbikeusa.com)  Qarv Imports are supplying me with a new ROTOR 1553d Crank set this season. I am very hankful that I can now ride without worrying my crank is going to fall off.



Looking strong for the 2018 season