Pacific Grove International Triathlon


The Bike: 5 laps

In past years, the bike portion of this race has been really tough for me. I've made stupid tactical errors and frankly I just wasn't very strong on the flatter roads. This time around I am much stronger and more confident. Our pack of 4 worked pretty well together just making sure no one behind was gaining anytime. At no time during the bike did i feel labored or super fatigued. I also finally have been training and racing with power so seeing that my avg power for the hour was 200 watts with drafting was really good.(3.6 watts/kilo for all the data geeks:)) As we were approaching transition, instead of dreading the run, I thought to myself that I could really win this thing.

My transition was pretty fast thankfully but I needed to gain more time since I had a penalty to serve. I decided to run the first lap and asses my situation. I found myself running in 2nd not far behind Julie. Emily was about 12 sec back rounding lap one so i took my penalty on lap 2. The pass was made and i sprinted to try and catch Emily. My body was not happy with the little stop but i kept fighting. Unfortunatly, this last week I have been dealing with some pretty bad pain in my lower legs which kept getting more painful with each step but I ran my absolute hardest barely picking up mylegs. I ended up with 3rd place in the professional field and am overall pretty happy with it. Those girls are truly world-class racers and it?s always an honor to toe the line with them.

Currently I am trying to get my injury diagnosed and am taking the necessary steps to get healthy again. Looking back I think I pushed my training too hard after the Oakland Triathlon. As an elite athlete, we always try to push ourselves to the limit without getting hurt. I am not going to let this little bump in the road get me down. I've seen so much improvement in my overall health and fitness in the last year thanks to my Coach and boyfriend, Mike.


Looking strong for the 2018 season